MicDangerous, “Type Away” Featuring ialive


MicDangerous returns after a long grammatical sabbatical:

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Derek Cruice, Tony Robinson, Calvon Reid, Freddie Gray, Eric Harris, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Michael Brown…Does This List Ever End? (2015)

Image courtesy of Click Orlando

Image courtesy of Click Orlando

Somewhere in an American city, be it big or small, a policeman is “doing his job.” He is a human being (by all accounts) but he is afforded the power of the state: licensed to carry a firearm that he may use at his discretion, generally without impunity. Continue reading

Top 10 Albums of 2014

Image courtesy of The High Fidelity Report

Image courtesy of The High Fidelity Report

So a few albums dropped after I submitted my 2014 top 10 list to Philadelphia City Paper (the deadline was 11/30/14).

This year I found my way back to musical geekery through my hip-hop roots and while I still consider myself an equal opportunity listener, I won’t be bumping Taylor Swift, Pharrell or other pop sensations some “critics” rated highly in 2014, any time soon. Continue reading