Infamous Interlude. (2012)


ialive, “Reset Button” (2012)

Some of us are old dogs in the game. Staying up-to-date on the latest tricknology and anti-social media platforms is a four-legged bitch. A lot of these young cats are savvy with this stuff, but the majority of them don’t carry a pedigree nor respect the pre-Internet hustle of street team, TDK mixtapes and word of mouth that paved the way. It’s refreshing to meet and collaborate with someone from the younger generation who sees the whole picture. Through ace rapper/impresario homie Mighty Flipside ESQ., MicDangerous has had the good fortune of working with ialive (producer and MC), a rising talent out the Olney section of Philadelphia. Download his new song “Reset Button” for a nominal fee (or get it for free and at least tell a friend you scallywags).