What Would Hunter Do? (2014)

Hunter S Thompson Typograpy

Hunter S. Thompson saw the writing on the wall, and perhaps it was no coincidence his death (well, suicide) coincided with the global advent of the Facebook wall. Continue reading


Cara Delevingne, LeBron James and Dostoyevsky Walk into an Internet Cafe…(2014)


Image courtesy of Mashable

We are all witnesses.

New York magazine’s recent article entitled “The Weird World of Internet Celebrity” opened a pandora’s box of trouble and intrigue for at least one digitally toxified humanist. The article itself was well-rendered but there is an element of Access Hollywood gawk in the reportage. Continue reading

Apollo Brown, Cigarette Burns EP/.38 (LP) (2014)


Filling column inches in the music space ceased to be interesting around 2011. Everyone knows about everything new in five clicks or less.

It’s still hard to know what’s truly good anymore. The trained ear remembers what used to get the dopamine levels surging and maybe once every four months or so, something inspires the auditory synapses. Continue reading

Gang Starr, Hard To Earn, 20th Anniversary, Sampling Retrospective (2014)

Ah 1994. The height of hip-hop’s second golden age. March 8, 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of a seminal Gang Starr release, Hard To Earn. While many critics wanted another Step In The Arena or Daily Operation, Guru came a bit edgier with the lyrical content and Premier took his producing formula to another level.

While we would hope to not draw the ire of the maestro, here’s the sampling blueprint for one of 1994’s timeless releases.
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